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killer but also a pedophile. the former prosecutor, criminal defense attorney and some real characters that we're all being introduced to in this trial. dan, you first. i'm wondering about the testimony from the so-called rifleman. how damaging is that do you think to the defense? >> in terms of the actual charges that whitey bulger is facing, it's not that damaging. murder charges are going to be proved. there's overwhelming evidence. however, this case is unusual. it seems like the defense is more focused on stopping the prosecution from proving things that ruin his reputation like he's a rat or kills women or he's a pedophile and in that sense, that means a lot to the defense. in terms of whether he'll be convicted of murder, it probably won't make a difference. rick: what do you think of that point, the defense strategy here? could this be some kind of a preventative strategy before this guy goes to prison? >> definitely. i think they've had the conversation and bulger has told his attorneys, look. i'm going down. i know i'm going to prison but i at least need to be protected. i ca
run on a policy with dramatically increasing japan's defense spending to counter china's military buildup. against this back drop the united states and vietnam have agreed to establish a constructive partnership on the basis of equality, mutual respect and benefits. the transpacific partnership countries are still working out the tpp trade deal. they are australia, canada, chile, japan, malaysia, mexico, new zealand, peru, singapore, the united states and vietnam. question, is vietnam vital to president obama's asia pivot? pat buchanan? >> well it, is part of it, but the united states' economy is 100 times as large as vietnam. they want our investment capital. they want access to the largest market in the world. we get access to this little teeny one. most important they want the united states to come in and in effect be on their side in the great conflict for the south china sea with the parasol and sprattly islands are both claimed by china and there's a real possibility of a territorial conflict in the south china sea between vietnam and china and they want to draw us into a po
that's been problematic from the case is the defense defines george zimmerman in a way that was helpful to his defense, but i don't think they feel as though their son has been well defined and sort of who he was. >> reporter: the back and forth over the martin case went to new heights after president obama himself weighed in with a deeply personal speech. >> when trayvon martin was first shot, i said that this could have been my son. another way of saying that is trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. >> all eyes are on the attorney general eric holder. the obama constituency wants to know whether they'll take any further steps in the case. >> by allowing and perhaps encouraging violent situations to escalate in public, such laws undermine public safety. the list of results tragedies is long and unfortunately has victimized too many who are innocent. it is our collective obligation. we must stand our ground. >> the martin family has started a foundation to honor trayvon's memory and to push for changes. >> we're here today to see what we can do to stop this from happening to y
as we debut our new poll tonight. and as the president hits the road in his own defense. >>> secrets and lies and new fallout from an x-rated political scandal that has engulfed the biggest mayoral race in the country all because of one man. >>> family history about to continue for caroline kennedy said to be getting a big job representing the u.s. >>> prince george, the new baby has a name rooted in british history. while the young parents continue to break with old traditions. >>> and show of support. the story behind this. the most striking photo of the day. "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. the news tonight isn't so much that americans are fed up with washington and disapprove of the job congress is doing. sadly that's pretty much a constant of late. but it is news that our discontent has set an all-time record. our new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows some numbers not seen in the history of polling. 83% of us now disapprove of congress. the president is riding a 45% approval. his lowest number notably since two summers ago. it perhaps fueled his trip to illin
amash, late today offered an amendment to a defense spending bill that would end the n.s.a.'s blanket collection of domestic phone data. amash's plan would allow the n.s.a. to continue collecting limited u.s. phone data but only of individuals targeted in counter- terrorism investigations. administration officials are fighting any restrictions. >> i think it's important to-- for the defense of our country. >> reporter: n.s.a. chief keith alexander has led the campaign to preserve the n.s.a.'s powers. intelligence committee leaders from both parties agree it's crucial to keep collect so- called metadata, information detailing what numbers are dialed and how long the calls last. but a privacy-minded coalition of liberals and conservatives want the government to back off. jason chaipens is a republican from utah. >> if there's cause, great, let's go ahead and track you. but if there's not cause, if you're an american going about your own business, you should not be tracked by your federal government. >> reporter: late today the amendment was defeated. meaning the n.s.a. data collection p
in sports. lance armstrong now says the postal service should have known he was doping. that's his defense to a $120 million federal whistle-blower lawsuit. the u.s. postal service says he and others defrauded the government with the use of performance-enhancing drugs. armstrong's image, as you know, has taken a huge beating. he explained just a few days ago. >> the reaction and fallout was more than i expected, but that's life. i'm a big boy. >>> batting average reporters join us now. good morning. >> good morning. >> you guys broke this story. i mean, seriously, lance armstrong is blaming the u.s. post office for his own doping? >> it's a legal defense with a lot of chutzpa. basically my fraud was all over the news and there were rumors of it. so it's a very interesting defense. >> but vanessa, he denied doping. >> and in this country, a lot of people believed his denials, of course, for so long. it's interesting that his lawrence are -- that they renewed sponsorship at a time when there were allegations about doping. most of them were covered in europe, but didn't really make their way
to the united states of america. >> and we have just learned that the amendment to the defense authorization bill proposed by republican congressman justin amash of michigan that would have essentially defunded the nsa and its surveillance program. programs that snowden had revealed, it just failed to pass the house of representatives, 217 to 205. shepard? >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon tonight. the former football great accused of murder returned to court today as we track multiple new developments in his case. prosecutors say the former new england patriots tight end aaron hernandez gunned down a friend of his last month. he has already pleaded not guilty. and just minutes before today's court appearance, the patriot's coach bill belichick made his first public comments on this case. he expressed sympathy for the family of the man who died. and belichick talked about the moment he first heard about it all. >> i and other members of the organization were shocked and disappointed in what we had learned. having someone in your organization that's involved in a murder investigati
-examination, by bulger's defense lawyer, who was trying to shake him from his testimony that he personally saw bulger kill several people, including deborah hussey, flemmi's stepdaughter, to keep her quiet. >> the worse criminal conduct in the history of this city. >> reporter: the prosecution is expected to rest by the end of this week. for "good morning america," ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >>> and now, we turn to the new drug scandal rocking baseball. former mvp ryan braun has been suspended for the rest of the season. alex rodriguez of the yankees could soon be slapped with an even stiffer penalty. and abc's paula faris has more on what this means for the game's biggest stars. >> reporter: ryan braun may be just the first to fall from grace. >> i hope that ryan braun is forever remembered as the most despicable liar in the history of baseball. >> reporter: sources tell abc's sister network, espn, that alex rodriguez is among roughly 20 major leaguers who may soon face suspension. they're being investigated for violating the league's drug policy. the movement in the investigation comes afte
they won't find another picture. >> reporter: there's no telling if the defense of her husband will help rezer is recollect his >> it took a whole lot of work and a whole lot of therapy to get to a place where i could forgive him. >> this morning "the new york times" and "daily news" are calling on weiner to withdraw. but weiner is insisting he's not dropping out of the race. >> after. this is what's so shocking, this is not new pictures that have surfaced from that trauma and drama. it's have after after he was publicly exposed, pardon the double entendre. and >> after he said, he was so ready for this damage control. he said, he was surprised this didn't come out sooner. but it's definitely a big surprise to see his wife, you know, she's right there, standing by him. >> right. >> we all saw her, we were surprised to even see her in the first place. and for her to come to the podium and speak out sent a very powerful message. >> interesting story. we'll certainly be watching. it will be interesting to see reaction to huma's speech as well and her comments. pamela brown, thanks for that.
to trayvon martin's family and the state prosecutor, according to the defense that. trial wasn't about race. president obama and eric holder brought it in. bill o'reilly said, instead of doing that, don't inject more out of it, lead out of it. >> he triggered a debate on race that we have not been willing to have in this country. >> you are right. why? because every time somebody said we need to have a conversation about race, the translation is we must agree with you about it. if you were to talk about families and self reliance, that's racist, expecting normal behavior is considered bigoted by huckster who is make a living off this kind of behavior. >> people are scared. it is not the people who are not black. there are people in the black community who are scared because they don't want to get bill cosby'd. juan williams gave great advice not just for blacks but for everybody. stay in school. wait to get married. don't have kids out of wedlock. it's the fastest path to poverty. eric holder and barack obama have had every opportunity. president obama's black father left him when he was tw
. the prosecution and defense are delivering their closing arguments in the trial of army private bradley manning. the former intelligence analyst is accused of funneling reams of documents to wikileaks in 2009 and 2010. he's also facing a charge of aiding the enemy. o.j. sump goes before a nevada parole board today but even if he's granted parole the former nfl star will not get out of prison. simpson was sentenced consecutively on several convictions meaning he would still have time to serve. his best chance for freedom is whether a judge will grant him a new trial based on claims his attorney botched his defense. one nfl rookie is making news and he hasn't even made the team yet. the titans jonathan willard was on his way to training camp when the karen front of him started smoking and burst into flames. willard and another man pulled out the woman and her two small children just in time. >> two minutes after we got everybody out of the car and to safety the car blew up. boom then probably like a couple of minutes after that, it blew up again. >>> willard said at the time he was not scared but
's defense of her husband will help resurrect her political career. this morning the "new york times" and "new york daily news" are calling for weaner to withdraw. several other candidates say he's unfit for office. he's made it clear he plans to stay in the race. >> there's no question his competitors want him to drop out because he's beating all but one. we bring in anna navarro and mr. john avalon, both cnn contributors. beautiful to have you both, thank you for being here. i'll start with you, anna. here is the question. is this new and more or is this just more of the same? how do you think this plays politic politically? >> it's certainly new and more for voters in new york and people that watch it develop on tv. perception wise it's new and more and in politics what matters is perception. he has a recurrent problem. there's a huge difference between a one-time occurrence and recurrence going on after he had been caught. this tells you this guy has a problem. >> also you have another timing this looks politically expedient for somebody, mr. avalon, that it comes to the polls hi
. >> reporter: with the continued possibility of more texts, there's no telling if abedin's defense of her husband will help resurrect his political career. >> it took a lot of work and a whole lot of therapy. to get to a place where i could forgive anthony. >> and carol, this morning, the in the in the and the "new york daily news" said weiner should withdraw from the race. his opponents are saying he's unfit for office. weiner said he's not going anywhere, staying in the mayoral race. according to the most recent polls he's still a top contender but it's yet to be seen how these new developments will impact him, how they'll impact voters and how he'll do in the polls. >> thanks so much, pamela brown. we'll talk more about the anthony weiner affair at the bottom of the hour. >>> edward snowden can now leave, russian media is roaring the russian government is giving the nsa leaker papers to enter russia legally. the visa is temporary while russia considers snowden's request for asylum. phil black is in moscow. he joins us on the phone. tell us more, phil. >> reporter: well, carol, you're r
class. the best defense against all of these forces, global competition, economic polarization, is the strength of the community. so we need to -- we need a new push to rebuild rundown neighborhoods. we need new partnerships. we need new partnerships for some of the hardest hit towns of america, to get them back on their feet. and because no one who works full time in america should have to live in poverty, i'm going to keep making the case that we need to raise the minimum wage because it's lower right now than it was when ronald reagan took office, it's time for the minimum wage to go up. [ cheers and applause ] we're not a people who allow chance of birth to decide life's biggest winners or losers. and after years in which we've seen how easy it can be for any of us to fall on hard times, folks in galesburg, folks in the quad cities, you know there are people who work hard. sometimes they get a bad break. plant leaves. somebody gets sick. somebody loses a home. we've seen it in our family and our friends and our neighbors. we've seen it happen, and that means we cannot turn
but indicated i've been honest throughout this entire process. his main defense has just been sort of that we're all fixated on this date of resignation from congress but that wasn't actually important to him and his wife and their sort of internal process. >> bill: what's he been doing for the last couple of days, just out there campaigning faiz nothing happened? >> yeah. he's had a public schedule. he's done events. you know i'm sure he's eager to move back to policy. what's said when he initially took off in may was you know, okay, i'm going to answer some questions. but i want to focus on issues. but i think this time it is a little bit different in that sort of -- he answered some questions about the scandal. it dissipated. frankly, he's become a regular candidate. and now questions about why frankly on the timeline here. >> bill: what do you hear from people that you're talking to? people in the street. i saw one poll late yesterday that showed him still up a couple of points. what are the readings? >> well, you know, as far as the poll numbers go, we're not really going to have an indi
analyst at the defense intelligence agency, now at the washington institute for near east policy. and john mearsheimer, a west point graduate and former air force officer, now a professor at the university of chicago. we thank you both, gentlemen, for being with us. jeffrey white, to you first. do you get a sense from reading this letter sent by general dempsey of what the obama administration is likely to do? >> i think we're going to see a small-scale commitment of military resources to support the rebels. nothing large, nothing too lethal. small arms and ammunition. maybe not even antitank weapons. my sense is that is a, you know, a slow movement towards a potentially greater commitment but nothing really dramatic in the way of arms. >> woodruff: small arms and ammunition. in fact, in this "washington post" story we just referenced, john mearsheimer, says that's already what's been approved. what more do you see the administration prepared to do? >> i don't think the administration is prepared to do anything else. it's very clear from general dempsey's letter that the pentagon is oppose
martin's family, according to the state prosecutor, according to the defense. the trial wasn't about race. president obama and eric holder brought it in. instead of doing that, lead out of it, instead of inject more. >> it triggered a debate on race we have not been willing to have in this country. >> you're right. why? because every time somebody says we need to have a conversation about race, the translation is we must agree with you about it. if you were to talk about families, self reliance, that's construed as racist, expecting normal behavior is construed as bigoted who make a living off this. >> people are scared, and it is not just those that are black, people in the black community don't want to speak up like bill cosby. juan williams echoed what bill o'reilly said, gave great advice not just for blacks, but also for whites, wait to get married, don't have kids out of wedlock, it is the fastest path to poverty. eric holder and barack obama had every opportunity afforded to them. president obama's black father left him when he was two years old. his white mother raised him. he had
language, defensive language, it does not help the process and it is beneath the dignity of this body and this country. >> i'm joined by republican strategist noel and democratic consultant and columnist jason stanford. karl rove trying to put out the fire on this issue. i have a new poll that shows 2 out of 3 latinos thought antiimmigrant quotes represent many republicans in congress. they were looking at eight different quotes from republican lawmake lawmakers. when you look at this, with more steve king's out there can they make it around the corner here? >> you know, when i heard about this i'm like, dear god! this is the last thing we need! i wrote a book called branding america where i address the problems of the gop has on attracting minorities and especially hispanics. this is icing on the i cake and it's irritating to see this in our party. >> can you reverse it when you got these sorts of comments coming from like individuals like steve king and you look at those polls? >> what you can do is get other representatives to make a better mark, to make better statements and to ac
. they say that he is a good person. we also reached out to his defense attorney but have not heard back from him. police say because lurmaney worked for the ymca for the past four years he may have had contact with hundreds of children. so right now officers are in the process of contacting those families to investigate whether there maybe even more victims. reporting live in morgan hill, marian favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. >>> anthony wiener today admitted to having sent more inappropriate messages online. he spoke at a news conference this afternoon saying he will continue his run for mayor. a web site published an interview with a woman who said she had a 6-month-long relationship with wiener this year after his sexting scandal was disclosed. >> this is entirely behind me. in the early days of the campaign people were pressing mere is there more out there? i said yes. i said that there was. >> former congressman's wife made her first public remarks on the scandal saying she's forgiven her husband and is moving forward. >> anthony's made some horrible mistakes. both be
, she is. >> no doubt. >> beginning with former congressman anthony weiner on the defensive once again over x-rated text messages and sexy photos. >> weiner with his wife at his side says he will not drop out of the new york city mayoral race. wabc's dave evans has the latest. >> reporter: anthony weiner, braved the cameras with his wife huma and admitted yes he kept on sexting after he resigned from congress, after he went away to rehab, and even after last summer's warm and fuzzy "people" magazine feature and the candidate seemed surprised that we were surprised. >> that is why if you remember in the early days of the campaign, people were pressing me for -- is there more out there? i said, yes. i said that there was. >> reporter: but the star of show was the wife. huma abedin used to work for hillary clinton and she almost never speaks publicly. >> we discussed all of this before anthony decided to run for mayor. so, really what i want to say is, i love him, i have forgiven him, i believe in him. >> reporter: and then huma said she and her husband are moving forward. the news makes
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the laws in florida. this wasn't even stand your ground. this had to do with self defense. but stand your ground frames so much of the investigation leading up to the trial itself that these stand your ground laws do need to be addressed. but at the end of the day, mike, they did what they had to do. i heard jimmy carter getting bashed by a lot of bloggers on the left. jimmy carter is right. and we said it at the beginning of the trial. even though we were so angry at zimmerman, the law is the law is the law. and you have to follow the law. and that's exactly what the jurors did. jimmy carter said it, and he was right. >> he was right. the construct of the law literally left the jurors handcuffed in terms of decision making. they had no option. listening to the judge's charge to the jury, they had no option. you heard that juror say she would have liked to have voted for manslaughter but couldn't do it. >> i'll tell you this though, mi mika. i hope that after what george zimmerman did, racially profiling a guy, a teenager carrying nothing but skittles and profiling because he was black, c
on an amendment to defense spending bill that would limit the nsa's authority to secret lit collect the phone records of millions of americans. the amendment being considered would not allow the nsa to collect phone records under the patriot act unless an individual is under investigation. white house press secretary jay carney says ending the program would take away a key tool in fighting terrorism. the head of the nsa made a trip to capitol hill to urge lawmakers to reject the measure. >>> president obama is on air force one flying to the midwest. he will speak in illinois and missouri today to tout his economic policies. kyla campbell is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with a preview of the president's speech targeting republicans. >> reporter: yes, pam. the white house says that's one of three main goals with the president's economic talks. president obama wants to refocus the political conservation on a still- recovering economy, lock in his economy on turbulent times and warn republicans to not create a crisis this fall. the gom is threatening to make passing a budget difficult. t
today to show their support. they say he is a good person. we also reached out to his defense attorney, but he did not return our calls. he is also charged with possessing child pornography after a police officer found suggestive photos of a 17 year old morgan hill girl on his cell phone. reporting live in morgan hill, n nbc bay area news. >>> yet another delay. the man accused of kidnapping and killing morgan hill teen appeared before a judge today, but once again he did not enter a plea. he was in court for a discovery hearing where the prosecution turns over more evidence, but the hearing was continued until next month. he d the girl disappeared and her body has yet to be found. >>> a bicyclist pleads guilty to vehicular manslaughter. he struck a deal, a plea deal that would allow him to avoid jail time. we have more on why prosecutors say his conviction is a first in the country. >> reporter: these are booming times for the two-wheeler. the number of bicycles on bay area streets has exploded in the last few years, and the district attorney has a message for them. >> cyclists need t
part of the federal defense of marriage act act. libby and lo say they are thrilled they are finally and finally married. >>> edward snowden's lawyer says his client will stay in the moscow area. snowden is the man who leaked secret information about the u.s. government surveillance program. snowden's attorney says snowden is awaiting documents that would let him leave the airport where he's been for a month, reading russian literature. >>> they voted to continue the nsa program that collects phone records belonging to millions of americans. libertarian-leaning republicans joined with liberal democrats in support of a measure that would have ended the program, but that measure was defeated. >>> anthony weiner is vowing to press on with his mayoral campaign, despite pressure to quit because of a new sexting scandal. weiner said today that when it comes to voters, most of them will care more about the issues than the embarrassing things he's done in his past. he admitted to sending more sexually explicit messages to young women after he resigned for the behavior. he and his wife say th
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in august. was visited gobin by two intelligence agents from the defense department who, in a meeting gobin described to me as intimidating, tried to dissuade him from publishing the papers. also received a phone call from president nixon, who, after saying what a decent fellow gobin was, pointedly suggested that he was sure gobin would not want to get into trouble by proceeding to publish them. november, ain early vice president of our bank called our uua treasurer to advise us that fbi agents had secretly been working at the bank for the last seven days. they were there with a subpoena from the federal grand jury that called for copies of all uua financial records, which meant every check written and every check deposited into uua period of 4.5a months, amounting to thousands , including those of all individuals who contributed to our denomination. gravel immediately brought contempt proceedings against the government and succeeded in halting the fbi investigation and examination of our bank records for two months. but agents were authorized to resume their scrutiny on january 10. the ne
yesterday i told the voters other texts and photos were likely to come out and today they have. that defense sounds to me like hey, voters, you were warned. >> let's say he is the chuck yager of sex scandals. he is constantly pushing the envelope. this is the right stuff for sex scandals. nobody has ever been here before but what will be his undoing, savannah, the longer we go out from this point and press conference we'll look at the timeline and realize what he was doing and what he was saying publicly while he was having the "people" magazine articles written about anthony weiner, and the new york times magazine cover, we supposedly got a new and improved anthony weiner, and it was obviously a different person called carlos danger. >> the name he went by. i want to ask you about huma abedin. she is asking voters to make a distinction between the personal and political saying she has forgiven him but hasn't she herself blurred that line now by putting herself into the campaign? she is in the campaign videos and she spoke yesterday at the news conference. >> what she did yesterday was extra
defensible. a law that the president said is not ready to be implemented. and a law that the senate author of obama care has described himself as a train wreck waiting to happen. >> that's max baucus. it's causing businesses not to hire full time workers. we're discussing with the audience the issue of division in the country. we see a lot of this in washington. you've been there a while, how divided is it in d.c.? >> you know, d.c.'s pretty divided, there's a lot of talk about how divided d.c. is on the news. what people sometimes overlook is that there are a lot of areas where we actually agree. sometimes there are areas we agree too often. the bigger division i see, is the division that's taking place twin the political governing class in washington of either political party on the one hand and the american people on the other. when we put forward big new programs like obama care, that's bad, and we have to not fund it. >>> coming up, we're going to have a lot more with the studio audience. the hot topic of race relations in america is front and center, when juan williams will debate co
an amendment to a defense bill to end the phone records program. the obama administration is warning the nation would be at risk of more terrorism if it stops the nsa's massive collection of personal phone records. >>> former new york congressman anthony weiner is apologizing again for sending more explicit photos and messages. this time, he says he is refusing to quit in his race for mayor. >> there is no question that what i did is wrong. >> i have forgiven him. i believe in him. and as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward. >> weiner reportedly promised a 22-year-old woman a job at a political website and a chicago condo where they could meet and have sex. we have seen this before. he resigned his house seat in 2011 after apologizing for sending explicit photos and x- rated chats. >>> oakland's police chief explains why his department was caught off guard when protestors reacted to the george zimmerman acquittal earlier this month. chief sean whent told the city council it was an intelligence failure. dozens of vandals broke from a peaceful protest and busted out windows at
to work their way into the middle class. the best defense against all of these forces, global competition, economic polarizati polarization, is the strength of the community. we need a new push to rebuild run-down neighborhoods. we need new partnerships with some of the hardest-hit towns in america to get them back on their feet. and because no one who works full time in america should have to live in poverty, i'm going to keep making the case that we need to raise the minimum wage because it's lower right now than it was when ronald reagan took office. it's time for the minimum wage to go up. [ applause ] we're not a people who allow chance of birth to decide life's biggest winners or losers. after years in which we've seen how easy it can be for any of us to fall on hard times, folks in gaelsburg, folks in the quad cities, you know they're good people who work hard. sometimes they get a bad break. plant leaves, somebody gets sick, somebody loses a home. we've seen it in our family and friends and neighbors. we've seen it happen. that means we cannot turn our back when bad breaks hit any
majority in the house, which is after all the last line of defense against the president, and could materially undercut the ability of the republicans in the senate to have the majority in 2014 which they have a decent chance to do. >> roy blunt said something similar on another channel today. your thoughts. >> let me make three points. number one, obama care isn't working, in the words of its lead author, max bach us, it is a train wreck. he had to unilaterally delay the employer mandate until after the next election because it is not working and democrats are scared of electoral responsibility. number two, if we want to stop this train wreck from hitting hard working american families, the time to do so is now. what the administration desperately wants is to get to january, get exchange in place and subsidies in place, and they eliminated any eligibility test, they want people hooked on obama care so it can never be unwound. if we're going to repeal it, we've got to do so now or it will remain with us forever. but number three, most importantly, we have an opportunity in the next
is that this particular line was drawn 200 years ago, actually in 1736 so you know, in their defense, back then the technology was not in a position to estimate exactly or to guess exactly where the line should be, and they have a let's call it a don't ask, don't tell policy if a tourist is not going to ask him, doesn't ask if that's the real line, they don't say anything but if the tourists ask and we knew that and we asked, they said they don't hide it. they say it's not exactly that and it's only about 200 meters away, 650 feet, so when you think about the size of the earth, it's not too bad. >> what do you work for the ecuadorian tourist authority? >> do they take pictures at the same spot? >> it's just a street. there's nothing there, although they have plans in the future to build a mile high they say tower that is going to be located precisely where the line should be. >> but do we believe them? it's those french, blame the french. >> they have gps now so. they should have no excuse. >> rafael -- see you can't say you're not informed on this show, can you? >> the real deal. >> exact
two children. the defense tried to claim he drank antifreeze to commit suicide. >>> the father of trayvon martin is on a mission, vowing to keep trayvon martin's name not dragged through the mud as it was during the trial. as for zimmerman, his first post verdict for ray into the public eye is raising some questions now. here is abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: they were the words of a father channeling anguish into action on capitol hill. >> i vow to do everything in my power not to give up the fight for him, not only to fight for trayvon but to fight for so many other young, black and brown boys of this country. >> reporter: after george zimmerman was acquitted of murdering 17-year-old trayvon martin, his father, tracy martin, made the opening remarks at the first-ever meeting of the congressional caucus on black men and boys. martin, a truck driver by profession, has appeared in multiple interviews and public appearances since the july 13th verdict. george zimmerman had all but disappeared until last week when police say he happened upon an suv that rolled over and helped the
defense seems now inappropriate. if he can't govern himself, how can he be expected to govern a city? my apologies. on the keystone pipeline, susan brewington says besides it being the worst idea for our planet, we, the u.s.a., will be taking all of the risks and be left with all of the toxic waste. once the tar sands get to texas, it will be refined then shipped to other countries and game over for the planet. it looks like president obama's going in that direction. [ ♪ theme ] >> bill: good morning, everybody. what do you say? good to see you this morning on a tuesday, tuesday july 30. it is the "full court press." and we are booming out to you live from our nation's capital. and our studio right here on capitol hill. just down the street from the united states capitol building where the congress and the senate are in town this week for one more week before they go off on their holiday. the whole month of august break. well, after his big lunch with hillary clinton yesterday and after welcoming the giants to the white house, president obama takes off today, back on the road to chatt
.s.a. to stop its spying on americans. the amendments are part of a defense spending bill. the effort to halt the spying bringing together democrats and republicans. >> the debate really comes down to whether we want to allow the n.s.a. to collect these records or whether we want to deny them the funding to do so. >> this means the government's authority to collect information on law-abiding americans is essentially limitless. >>gretchen: overnight we learned edward snowden, the man who leaked how widespread the spying is could be granted temporary asylum today in russia, according to his lawyers this. >>> prince william and kate middleton revealing their baby boy to the world. the future king of england managing his first royal wave. right on queue he waved. the proud parents say they still haven't settled on that name. >> he's a big boy, a little heavy. but we're still working on a name. we'll have that as soon as we can. >> i think any parent knows what this feeling is like. >>gretchen: the duchess paid special tribute to the late princess diana. i didn't realize this when i saw the first
. his wife a steady by his side. speaking up in his defense. >>: >>: anthony has made some horrible mistakes. but i do very strongly believe that that is between us and our marriage. >>: and her carefully chosen words i felt like it was worth staying in this marriage. that is a decision i made for me, for our son and for our family. >>: it was extraordinary that she spoke at all. >>darya: at usa today asked its readers to name some of the worst airports in america. in no particular order these are all bat according to travelers. new york city's laguardia, lax, denver, kansas city international and the dulles as. either they're born in, they're dirty, know where to spend hours, and convenient. that's what people think maker break and airports. think and >>james: and the mouth passengers fell asleep on her seat partner. 943 is the time right now. we will be back with more of a couple of minutes. let's take a peek at the approach to the bay bridge for it looks ok. we'll be right back. >>anny: 946 right now. a double live look outside with all of the sunshine. it can see walnut creek lo
. it was offered as an amendment to a $600 billion defense spending bill. the bill passed by the amendment failed. it was pretty close. the amendment would have ended the agency's ability to collect phone records and met at that data unless it -- ph*et at meta data unless it identified to a specific person. >> it is important we keep fighting to protect civil liberties and the constitution. that is what the american people are asking for. >>gretchen: the top secret fights in courte programt week. >>> this pair of killer heels, the replica shoes were confiscated at la guardia new york. the shoes could have been checked into luggage. an agent tweeted the photo to warn other fliers about what not to wear. i can't see. >>steve: a little handgun. let's talk a little bit about the big news yesterday. the president of the united states went to galesburg, illinois, where he outdid himself. he has been known to give long speeches. yesterday that speech there was the next to longest speech he's ever givens president of the united states. >>brian: it was over an hour? >>steve: it was 80-something minutes. f
'm not so sure that this defense well, i told you more was going to come out. we put this behind us, is going to work because the idea that he said that more of this stuff was going to come out the assumption was that these were sort of while he was in congress. i never -- shame on me, but i never thought he might have been referring to stuff after he had allegedly gone and sort of addressed his issue and need to have the online relationships. this was less than a year ago. >> bill: huma said i've forgiven him and you should, too. >> i love him. i have forgiven him. i believe in him. and as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward. >> bill: we are moving forward. she says. i've forgiven him. well, i'm glad she has and i admire her for doing so. he did have a code name here. he wasn't using -- this woman knew who he was. she says that. he knew he was a former member of congress. and she thought -- she had no problem with that. but anyhow, just so other people didn't pick up on who he was in case they saw the photos, selfies he was sending. he was using the name carlos d
manslaughter. >> not guilty. >> reporter: zimmerman claims heap shot trayvon martin in self defense and is now in hiding. >> justice for -- >> trayvon martin. >> reporter: after protests supporting trayvon sparked nationwide. >> i think if there had been one or two more matties could have been a hung jury. >> reporter: mattie wrestles with whether she made the right decision. >> i stand by the decision because of the law. if i stand by the decision because of my heart he would have been guilty. >> reporter: mattie owes trayvon martin's parents an apology she feels she was forcefully included in his death. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> see much more of robin's interview with juror b-29 later on "good morning america." >> well this is not a good week for new york mayor candidate anthony weiner. new revelations about his online sexual relationships are making his prospects worse. volunteering at a soup kitchen weiner said he may have sexted three women since he left congress in disgrace. then he kept talking. >> it's not dozens and dozens. it is -- six to ten. i suppose. but i can't tell
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